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What We Do

House Wash

Your home is your biggest investment, and it pays to protect it. Every day your home is exposed to harsh natural elements. Ultraviolet rays, wind, dirt, insects, birds, mildew, mold, and tree sap all take a toll on your home. A professional house wash kills mold, mildew and lichen that cause discoloration and lower the value of your home. Let us help you restore the beauty of your home and bring back it’s curb appeal! We can remove cobwebs and spiders dust or stains so you will feel proud of your house!

Cindy Gallagher House 3.jpg

Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

One of the first things people notice about your home is your driveway. It can be an eyesore, or it can be just as immaculate as the rest of the home. Over time a driveway collects dirt and grime as well as unsightly stains from trees and birds. Most oil stains and spills of all kinds get left in the driveway, but we can make it look like new again! After we apply the surface cleaning equipment and rinse, your driveway will look like new, and if tannin stains are a problem, we can remove those too! After that we can apply a sealer that will make your driveway look fantastic while protecting it for years to come!

Spicewood Driveway 3.jpg

Patios and Decks

Our decks and patios are very special places where we
share special occasions, so we want them to be pristine! We
gotcha covered! We take the same professional approach to
cleaning the deck or the patio as we do with cleaning the

home or driveway. Have these precious places cleaned
independently or as part of a package.



We all know how important the roof is to a home, so don’t
let mold, mildew and lichen ruin your roof! Treating your roof
with our approach is safe and effective. We don’t use high
pressure so you won’t ever have to worry about damage to the
shingles. A good cleaning will extend the life of the roof and
the home.

Front Roof 2.jpg

Complete List Of Services


1. House Wash
2. RV
3. Driveway
4. sidewalk
5. Patio
6. Deck
7. Roof
8. Fence

9. Stain Removal

10. Spider Web Removal


1. Storefront
2. Parking Lot
3. Sidewalk
4. Patios
5. Windows
6. Trucks
7. Equipment

8. Stain Removal

9. Spider Web Removal


RV Maintenance


Our Service Area

Zoom On Map To See Better

This is a map of the area that we provide services for! If you live within this area, give us a call and let us restore the beauty of your property today!

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