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Veteran Owned And Operated

Our Team



Honorably Discharged Veteran

Alan joined the military back in 1977 and served one term. Basic Training for Alan was held at Ft. Knox Kentucky, advanced individual training at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana and then he served the rest of his time in Germany.



Honorably Discharged Veteran

Alfred served in the Army for 25 years and achieved the rank of First Sergeant. He is a combat veteran who served his country in various conflicts and in various parts of the world. He is an honorably discharged veteran who served with honor and distinction.

The Team

Abigail.jpg Abby


Abigail may be small, but she can operate all the equipment and she works just as hard as the rest of us. We value her as a part of our team.

Jeremiah_edited.jpg This is Jeremiah


Jeremiah is a young man with a bright future. He learns fast and works hard! We expect to see great things for him in the future.

Chuck Removing the Spider Webs Again!.jpg Here is Chuck


Chuck is a great team member who is there when we need him. He is a good man who gets it done!

Supervisor Pupperz.jpg He is now retired but still does our books.


It is a bit unconventional, but Pupperz is an excellent Office Manager and he really does an amazing job of keeping the books together. He occasionally comes out on site just to supervise and he is a valued team member!

Alfred Training His Grandson.jpg Alfred and Grandson

Alfred Training Grandson

We are all proud of Alfred's grandson, Charlie! Family is so important!

Texas Teamwork!.jpg Two Texans

Alan and Alfred A Texas Team

After hours we are just Texans!

IMG_20220927_130837.jpg Lunch is quick and back to work

Lunch Breaks are quick and back to work

300 watts of solar power in our work trailer lets us run our mini-fridge and microwave, so lunch is nourishing but quick!

Teamwork that works!.jpg That's teamwork

Teamwork that works!

We always work as a team and since we have been together for so long, everything runs like clockwork!

Our Mission

At Hill Country Pressure Washing, our mission is to provide quality cleaning at affordable prices. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the results of our services. In these uncertain times, we know that our clients want to get the most for their money, so we guarantee that our rates will always be competitive, while providing the highest quality result.

Our employees will always strive to provide professional, courteous service. Whether we are cleaning the inside or the outside, our employees will be trained to use the right chemicals for every job, so the client never need worry about harm to the property. Our employees will be clean, neat and presentable in appropriate work clothes, displaying the company logo and professional appearance.

We believe that the safety of the customer as well as the safety of our staff should be a top priority and that is why we ensure that all of our staff will adhere to the social distancing guidelines and wear face-coverings during interactions with customers. If the client prefers not to come into physical contact with staff members during these uncertain times, we are happy to provide services without every having to meet face to face. If the customer prefers, we are happy to have all conversations by phone and payments can be made via telephone or website.

We know that keeping your home or office neat and clean is important to you and we are here to help. Whether you need cleaning done in a residential or commercial setting, indoors or out, we are ready to serve with a smile.

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