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Grease build up and poor maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system are the number one causes of kitchen fires. It is essential to clean and maintain your entire exhaust commercial hood on a regular basis to prevent grease fires. There are three main components to your kitchen exhaust system: the hood, the duct work, and the fan.

We don’t just clean the hood, we pay careful attention to the inner workings of the vent hood system and ensure that the entire system is clean. We do a thorough inspection of your hood and exhaust system, remove grease and clean properly even in the hidden areas, greatly reducing the risk of fire.

We use high temperature washers, commercial grade chemicals, and rotating power nozzles to pressure wash vent systems from the roof down. This ensures that your hood fan runs properly.

Special care is taken to cover and protect exposed equipment. Plastic is used to contain water and debris, the floor is mopped, leaving the entire system and work area clean upon completion.

The filters are removed and pressure washed using the same method of high temperature pressure nozzles and commercial chemicals, dried and put back in place. Job sites are left in top condition, satisfaction guaranteed!
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